Anne Boysen

From the tv show Denmark's next classic

"This is the next classic in Denmark:
I truely believe that it will be a real classic"

Pronounced by the judges

Here at Guldbjerg Maskinfabrik we were proud to help with both the Balerina Chair, the armchair and the winning lamp!

In the spring of 2020, we will be contacted by designer Anne Boysen in order to assist her in Danmarks Radio’s TV broadcast - Denmark’s next classic.

We knew Anne from a previous collaboration with Erik Jørgensen Møbelfabrik where she designed the Toward sofa.

The broadcast was no stranger to us, as the year before we had assisted Le Klint with the Rikke Frost lamp Caleo.

Anne is full of ideas and her motto out here was often
"Can you do that?" When she outlined thoughts and wishes for us!

A few days on each project where the balls flew around in the air and there were sawn in iron, wood, leather, fabric and much more and then drawn up on a computer and printed in full A1 size on paper roll.

The concepts: Minimalism - recyclability - material choice around weight and strength - appearance - colors - ergonomics, were in everyone's minds here at Guldbjerg in the six months we struggled with in the TV competition.

With the arrival of the Corona epidemic in Denmark and all the necessary considerations that had to be taken, it also pushed the period over longer time than first planned, as we of course complied with all the recommended rules.

An uplifting happy atmosphere, committed staff and Anne's amazing mood and enthusiasm made us actually forget Corona for a moment

And here they are...

The lamp

The Balerina chair

The armchair

Photo: Enok Holsegaard, Helle Moss and Anne Boysen